These heat-shrinkable cable transition joints are designed for connecting three-core paper insulated oil impregnated cables 10kv types IPO, NPO and cables of similar construction to three-core screened plastic cables 10kV, types XHP, XHE, and cables of similar construction.

Converting paper insulated cables to the so-called quasi-plastic cable is realized by using oil-tubes or oil-tapes and by a 3-way breakout. Electrical field regulation is realized by stress control elements, insulation joint and screen joining are made by using two-layer insulating tubes. Earth wires joint is made by tinned copper rope and copper wire mesh, while water resistance and mechanical protection are realized by heat-shrinkable tubes with hot melting adhesive. Constant force roll springs are delivered with joints assembly.
Code No Product Type Voltage level (kV) Conductor
Lenght of joint L
Max diameter R
14031 TSKS up 10/3-70 10 25 - 70 1200 90
14032 TSKS up 10/3-150 10 70 - 150 1500 110
14033 TSKS up 10/3-240 10 95 - 240 1500 120
* If connectors with joint kit are required, it is necessary to mention in the request