These heat-shrinkable joints are designed for connecting a three-core cable to 3-single-core screened plastic cables 10kV types XHP, XHE and cables of similar construction.

Cable termination is realized by using a 3-way breakout. Wire connection is made by connectors or by screws, electrical field regulation is realized by stress control elements, joint insulation and screen joining are made by using a two-layer insulating tube. Earth wire joint is made by using tinned copper rope and copper wire mesh, while water resistance and mechanical protection are achieved by heat-shrinkable tubes with hot melting adhesive, especially for single and three core cables. Constant force roll springs are delivered with joints assembly.
Code No. Type of product Voltage level
Lenght of joint L
14019 TSKS 10/3-III-70 10 25 - 70 1400
14020 TSKS 10/3-III-150 10 70 - 150 1500
14021 TSKS 10/3-III-240 10 95 - 240 1500
* If connectors with joint kit are required, it is necessary to mention in the request