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Cable accessories

Wire connection is made by insulated connectors that come with the joint kit. Tubes that isolate the compound are inserted over the connectors. Water resistance and mechanical protection...



These heat-shrinkable cable joints are designed to be applied to branching or separating from the main power line of single-core screened plastic cables types XHP, XHE and cables of similar...



Cable termination for three-core cable is realized by a 3-way breakout and by using oil-tubes or oil-tapes. Terminations are insulated with heat-shrinkable anti-tracking tubes that are track resistant...



It is designed for applications to seal and protect electrical splices, cable terminations and joints where electrical insulation, UV and waterproof are required. 3:1 shrink ratio allows it easily fit...



It is designed for damaged cable repairing over sheats on various types of cables. Standard length is 1000 mm, and it is possible to order sleeves of different lengths, max 1500 mm...


Attention tapes

Attention tapes are made of a single layer PE film on which is, depending of the type of installation to where is applied, warning clearly written. For example, warning-power cable, telecom cable...



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TEHNO SYSTEM company can offer you specific terms depending on your requirements. If you have any questions about the order, please contact our professional service.

About us

TEHNO SISTEM is a company specialised in the production of heat-shrinkable cable accessories up to 1, 6, 10, 20 and 35 kV and attention tapes. The company was established in 2000, in Jagodina.
For many years, creative engineering team has monitored the latest developments in heat-shrinkable technology and the same applies to its constructive solutions for low and medium voltage cable accessories.
The best quality of heat-shrinkable tubing made by renowned manufacturers is used in the production of the cable accessories. Our original tehnical solutions help achieve excellent results in the application of the cable joints as well as the application of terminations of different voltage levels for different cable types.
Guidelines for the development of the company are related to the constant monitoring of the latest developments in this area, implementation of tehnical solutions, as well as to our own research and innovation. For all our products we have certificates of quality issued by the accredited Institutes of Serbia.
Our products we deliver to distributions in the EPS system and major performers of electrical work. We cover the Serbian market in any significant wholesale and retail and export to neighboring countries: Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo.

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